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Adobe's Statement Regarding Federal Trade Commission Complaint

Monday, June 17, 2024 10:17 AM

“Subscription services are convenient, flexible and cost effective to allow users to choose the plan that best fits their needs, timeline and budget. Our priority is to always ensure our customers have a positive experience. We are transparent with the terms and conditions of our subscription agreements and have a simple cancellation process. We will refute the FTC’s claims in court.” - Dana Rao, General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer

Our goal: The best products & value

Our intention is to deliver the best products and the most value to our customers.Over a decade ago, as the world became more digital and more cloud-based, Adobe developed a subscription model to deliver more innovation, including many cloud-based features and services, more affordably to our customers. Just as consumers have subscriptions to access music, use productivity software, or use Adobe’s creative tools, subscription-based software and services unlock countless possibilities for collaborative and computationally-intensive features and are the heart of the multi-trillion dollar digital economy.

Why subscriptions are better

  • Allows us to deliver continuous innovation, including many that require cloud computation, at no additional cost to customers (ex. Photoshop Generative Fill).
  • Allows our products to be used on multiple devices, across groups of collaborators, provide automatic updates and enhanced security, and access cloud-only services like AI.
  • Allows the offering of multiple types of plans to provide consumers choice between lower upfront costs and maximum flexibility.

What our subscriptions provide

  1. Constant innovation
    1. Customers can get the latest features, security patches, and improvements as soon as they are released.
    2. Features like: 
      1. Photoshop: Generative Fill, Generative Expand, Generate Image, Neural Filters
      2. Express: Text to Template, Generate Image
      3. Acrobat: Create and edit images in PDF powered by Firefly 
  2. Flexibility, affordability, and choice
    1. One size does not fit all. Our subscription plans are thoughtfully designed so that users can choose plans that best fit their needs depending on what tool they need, how long they’ll need them, and what their budget looks like.
    2. For long-term users, Adobe offers two lower cost annual payment plans: Paid Up Front and Annual, Paid Monthly – which locks in the annual discount without the burden of paying upfront. Both are offered at a substantial discount to the monthly plan.
    3. For customers who need only short-term access, Adobe offers a flexible Month-to-Month plan. Like all service providers, long-term commitments result in lower prices; short-term plans provide more flexibility. Customers can choose which option makes sense to them.
  3. Ease of cancellation 
    1. Adobe’s offerings go beyond a simple turnkey service. Customers store their work in Adobe’s cloud and depend on Adobe’s tools for their livelihood, so our cancellation flow ensures customers understand what will happen if they end their service – for example, they lose access to documents and libraries they may have stored on Adobe’s cloud. 
    2. Adobe recognizes the importance of providing simple cancellation mechanisms and provides multiple ways for customers to cancel: online, phone, and chat. 
    3. Adobe’s cancellation flow today is just a four-step process that you can click through in less than a minute.


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