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Adobe Delivers More Power and Precision Across Creative Cloud With Latest AI Powered Release

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 11:59 AM
  • Flagship Adobe Creative Cloud applications Illustrator, Photoshop and Stock add new Firefly-powered features and web-based creative workflows
  • Breathtaking new generative AI capabilities with Text to Vector Graphic in Illustrator enable rapid, powerful vector illustration and pattern creation
  • New AI-powered photo editing features are now available in Lightroom, including Lens Blur and new mobile editing experiences


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Today, at Adobe MAX – the world’s largest creativity conference – Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced over 100 major innovations and updates across Creative Cloud that dramatically advance power and precision for creative professionals. Adobe Firefly and AI-powered features are transforming Creative Cloud applications including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Stock empowering anyone to bring their creative visions to life at the speed of their imagination.

Building on the success of the commercial release of Generative Fill in Photoshop, Adobe is introducing new Firefly-powered workflows in Illustrator with Text to Vector Graphic and in Adobe Express with Generative Fill and Text to Template. Additional innovations across Creative Cloud include new tools in Illustrator, such as Mockup and Retype; AI-powered advancements to Lightroom including Lens Blur as well as a new streamlined editing experience in Lightroom mobile. Adobe also announced the general availability of Photoshop on the web, AI-powered Text-Based Editing in Premiere Pro and Roto Brush in After Effects, plus dozens of other new innovations across Creative Cloud apps.

AI is most powerful when deeply integrated into the core of creative workflows, and these innovations are released alongside new Adobe Firefly Image 2 ModelAdobe Firefly Vector Model and Adobe Firefly Design Model, the most advanced generative AI technologies in the market today, designed to generate content safe for commercial use.

“Bringing Firefly and the power of AI directly into creative workflows has unleashed a new era of creativity across every segment of our business,” said Ashley Still, senior vice president, Digital Media at Adobe. “We’re excited to introduce dozens of new AI-powered capabilities in Creative Cloud to advance web workflows and accelerate creativity with new ways to ideate, express ideas, and save time.”

Breakthrough Innovations across Creative Cloud

Adobe has pioneered numerous AI innovations over the last decade, introducing hundreds of AI-powered features across Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. Today’s announcements bring significant new value to Creative Cloud members, supercharging every creative workflow with additional power, precision, speed and ease:

Adobe Firefly

  • Firefly Image 2 Model is the next generation of generative AI for imaging, significantly advancing Firefly creative control and image quality, and designed to be safe for commercial use.
  • Firefly Vector Model is the world’s first generative AI model for vector graphics and expands Firefly into the next media type, powering new Text to Vector Graphic in Illustrator.
  • Firefly Design Model, the industry’s first model of its kind, powers instant generation of amazing quality template designs with Text to Template capability that are fully editable in Adobe Express.

Additional new generative AI-powered Text to Image capabilities in the popular Firefly web application where 90% of its users are new to Adobe products. They include Generative Match to apply the style of a reference image to generate new images at scale; Photo Settings, empowering users with new creative controls over image generation; Prompt Guidance for suggestions on improved prompts, inspiring new creations; and Share from Firefly and Save to Libraries to facilitate collaboration and cross-app workflows.

Adobe Illustrator

  • All-new Firefly-powered Text to Vector Graphic in Illustrator generates editable, high-quality vector graphics, including a wide array of icons, scenes and patterns quickly and easily from simple text prompts. The new capability is the perfect tool for inspiration, mood boards, marketing and advertising graphic creation and more.
  • Additional new innovations include updates to Retype, to turn static text into editable text by quickly identifying similar fonts from Adobe Fonts; Mockup, to quickly transform images and graphics into realistic-looking product and branding mockups; along with updates to Share for Review that make collaborating and exchanging feedback faster than ever.
  • All new Illustrator on the web brings to life anything creators at all skill levels can imagine using intuitive and precise design tools that give them complete control over every detail.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Firefly-powered Generative Fill in Photoshop, which has seen a 10X adoption rate compared to past releases, continues to inspire creators, as users have generated over 3 billion images with Firefly’s initial model since its beta launch in March, making it the most popular AI image generation model designed for safe commercial use, in record time, globally.
  • The general availability of Photoshop on the web with Firefly-powered innovations brings the power and precision of Photoshop to web browsers. Now available to all Photoshop subscribers as part of their subscription, Photoshop on the web is also available on Google Chromebook Plus devices.

Adobe Lightroom

  • New AI-powered innovations make workflows more seamless and editing more intuitive for everyone, on any device, including Lens Blur that makes it easier than ever to add an aesthetic blur effect to any part of a photograph without requiring an expensive camera lens. 
  • The all-new mobile-optimized editing experience streamlines the Lightroom mobile toolbar to prioritize the popular features while making it faster and more intuitive to edit photos on your phone.
  • Additional new innovations across the Lightroom ecosystem include HDR Optimization, enabling anyone capturing photos to edit and export their photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows and more vivid colors, as seen in real life; Point Color helping photographers make precise, accurate and detailed color refinements; along with empowering users with Content Credentials support for new file types to continue Adobe’s commitment to transparency across digital content.

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and

  • Premiere Pro users can now publish videos directly to Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Premiere Pro includes new templates to quickly set up projects for publishing in the most popular sizes and layouts for social media, allowing users to create, edit and publish videos directly to social media platforms. Create posts, add captions, hashtags and keywords, and then upload them directly from Premiere Pro without compromising quality or ranking.
  • AI-powered Text-Based Editing improvements in Premiere Pro and Roto brush in After Effects are now generally available, putting more creative power in the hands of users to experiment, ideate and create in new ways.
  • The debut of Share for Review with in Adobe’s digital video and audio tools where Premiere Pro’s “Share” button will now intuitively introduce Premiere users to with the click of a button for faster content sharing and collaboration.
  • Additional innovations include a massive 5x timeline performance advancement in Premiere Pro for faster and smoother editing, new color preferences and improved tone mapping to make it easier to get great color in addition to dozens of other requests from the creative community.

Adobe Stock

  • New Firefly-powered workflows streamline the image editing process to create beautiful images in a few clicks including Text to Image to transform concepts into captivating visuals with simple text prompts and Expand Image to extend image backgrounds and aspect ratios in a few clicks. 
  • Adobe Stock builds on its vast marketplace with Video templates, a rich new video template collection that brings together Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion Graphics templates. Over 355 million high-quality, royalty-free assets are now available in the Stock collection, including videos, music tracks, photos, illustrations, vectors, video and graphics templates as well as 3D assets.

About Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX – the world’s largest creativity event – offers something for creators at all skill levels, from all walks of life, working across all forms of media. Running from October 10-12, the three-day conference in Los Angeles is packed with creative luminaries, musical performances and global, collaborative art projects and round-the-clock networking. Speakers such as actor Adam Devine, record producer, songwriter and entrepreneur Oak Felder, creative director Karen X Cheng, founder Aaron Draplin, and co-founder and creative director Walker Noble will inspire and entertain audiences with their stories and insights into their creative processes. Adobe MAX will also showcase how Adobe is using Firefly with Creative Cloud, Express and Experience Cloud to power a world-class event experience.

Virtual event attendees can livestream keynotes at starting Tuesday, October 10 at 9 a.m. PT and Wednesday, October 11 at 10 a.m. PT. To catch Adobe’s latest prototype innovations in Adobe Sneaks, tune in live at on Wednesday, October 11. For more information and to register for MAX, visit

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