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Adobe Sensei and Leslie Jones of “Saturday Night Live” Take Center Stage at “Summit Sneaks”

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 08:00 AM

At Adobe Summit (Nasdaq:ADBE), more than 13,000 attendees will get an up-close look at Adobe’s latest technologies coming out of its R&D labs. Hosted by Leslie Jones of “Saturday Night Live,” Adobe’s popular “Summit Sneaks” offers an exciting and entertaining look into future technology. Audience favorites often become product offerings, like Smart Tags in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Anomaly Detection in Adobe Analytics Cloud.

Some of the projects Adobe will be showcasing at “Summit Sneaks” include:

  • Perfect Path: What if marketers could automatically determine the most effective, uniquely tailored journey for each and every customer? Project “Perfect Path,” which will leverage Adobe Sensei, does just that. It creates an “experience graph” that maps out every possible customer journey. Taking into consideration objectives and target audiences, Adobe Sensei automatically recommends the optimal journey for each individual.
  • Catching Bot Fraud: Digital ad fraud poses a significant challenge to advertisers, with economic losses estimated to be about $6.5 billion last year. Adobe is in a unique position to help address this problem through its broad analytics and advertising footprint. In fact, data scientists at Adobe have found a way to distinguish real humans from bots. Specifically, certain sets of users are reliably “human,” such as customers who are logged into financial websites. By running advanced machine learning models on this specific data set of users, data scientists can predict what portion of web traffic is human versus bot-based. Through the power of AI, advertisers and publishers can exclude fraudulent ad views and avoid wasting money.
  • Video Ad AI: Project “Video Ad AI” gives video advertisers the power of AI to improve their video ad performance through predictive performance modeling and recommendations. As an example, let’s take a 60-second TV spot that needs to be rolled out across social media platforms. The video is first auto-tagged for benchmarking against similar content. Adobe Sensei assesses past performance of content that is similar to the TV spot to generate an effectiveness score. Recommendations to improve the ad’s effectiveness score (such as changing the length and flow of the video) are sent to video advertisers in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, along with the original ad, for editing. Advertisers can adjust the ad to retain creative elements, while aligning with marketing objectives to deliver high-performing content.
  • Launch It: Tag management of website content enables marketers to organize their content and measure its effectiveness. It is arguably one of the most critical but least glamorous tasks a marketer has to handle—a manual process that can take substantial time and effort away from other tasks. Project “Launch It” leverages AI and natural language processing to fully automate the tag management process. Launch It will scan a website, inspecting all elements of the content and provide a recommendation on the optimal tagging structure. Once the marketer confirms, everything is auto-tagged and a task that often takes days or even weeks can be completed in minutes.
  • Master Plan: When building the overall customer experience from first touchpoint to loyalty programs, brands spend a great deal of time orchestrating tasks such as asset selection and building a marketing mix. Project “Master Plan” will tap the power of Adobe Sensei to help marketers complete this process far faster, freeing up time to focus on other demands. Recommendations will be delivered on everything from relevant assets to the optimal marketing mix across display, email, social, mobile and other channels. Moreover, Sensei will adjust “Master Plan” recommendations in real time when variables such as the budget might change.

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